Wanderers Advantage

The trekking industry in our country is undergoing a drastic change. We have seen the number of trekkers simply multiply each year. That's how fast this industry is growing. We ensure to follow the right ethics and practices. As Wanderers we feel it absolutely necessary for the first time trekkers to know what they are getting into. For people willing to know about trekking team Wanderers conducts Basic trekking workshops with Decathlon stores in Delhi and NCR region. We discuss the basic of trekking along with the right practices to be followed.

On treks to our first time trekkers, we plan to show the world of mountains in the most safest and convenient of ways. From choosing the routes, intro with the local staff members, warm up and cool down exercises, how to make a basic map, we share with our team. We involve our trekkers into anything and everything they want to be a part of. We have some eager trekkers who want to learn surviving skills in the wilderness, and some who want to learn how to pitch tents & roll sleeping bags. We welcome them and give them the opportunity to learn and practice for themselves. One trek with Wanderers will give you the confidence to try trekking on your own. Important skills as cooking, pitching and un-pitching camps, surviving in the wilderness, managing medical or emergency contingencies are all basics that we share on our treks.

We as team Wanderers are certified mountaineers and wilderness first aid responders. With our expertise and experience we have successfully led 100+ treks and expeditions in the Himalayas. From school going children to people in their late 50's, we have trekked with most of them. Following proper trekking etiquettes and ethics with right environmental practices is the reason why our trekkers do repeat treks with us.

Now that you have Wanderers by your side, figure out the earliest dates for your leaves and join us in a wonderful journey of trekking to realise what you've been missing out for so long !!

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