Experiential Iceland

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Iceland offers a series of trekking and leisure options to the travellers. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Iceland. The hiking opportunities in Iceland are simply magical and some of the trails also make their name in “best hikes in the world” as well. Starting right from the capital of Reykjavík offering a series of one day or multi-day hiking options, ever region in the country offers a unique and thrilling experience to the traveller in you. From hot Springs & thunderous Waterfalls to Ice walls Climbing & Glacier walks and from climbing high mountain summits to volcanoes, Iceland is every explorers dream.

Travellers can choose from series of hiking options based on their fitness levels. One can also club a sightseeing experience with trekking in Iceland. Although, Iceland can be explored both in summer as well as winter seasons, the best time for sight seeing as well as trekking is from June to September.

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Sightseeing (April, May and June)
• 3 Days Sightseeing
• 4 Days Sightseeing
• 5 Days Sightseeing
• 6 Days Sightseeing


Trekking(June, July, August and September)
• 5 Days Reykjavík to FjallabakTrek (Langisjor Lake Trek)
• 6 Days Dómadalur to Fimmvörðuháls Trek (Laugavegur Trek)
• 5 Days Hvanngil to Hólaskjól (Strutsstigur Trek)


Winter Experience in Iceland (November, December, January, February and March)
• 4 Nights of Winter Experience
• Golden Circle, Northern Lights
• Caving, Power Plants
• South Coast, Reykjanes peninsula
• Lighthouses, The Blue Lagoon
• Snowmobiling, Glacier walk

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