Things to Carry on a Difficult Level Trek

"By Wanderers India"

Region : Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Darjeeling, Sikkim, North East, Nepal
Max altitudes : 15,000 feet – 20,000 feet
Approx. Trekking KMS : 65 - 125kms

Grade - Difficult
Items Qty.
Backpack (55-65 L) with sturdy frame and water proof sack cover 1 sack
Day pack (8 - 10 L) – optional 1 day pack
Trekking shoes (water resistant and high ankle) 1 pair
Trekking pants - quick dry/ basic tracks 2 pairs
Trekking pants - water proof/ wind resistant and thick 1 -2 pairs
Fleece lined wind stoppers 1 pair
Upper and lower thermals (base layers not too heavy) 2 sets
T-shirts quick dry half sleeves 3 pairs
T-shirts quick dry full sleeves 3 pairs
Fleece upper 2 Pairs
Full sleeve thick jacket, water proof/ wind proof 1 jacket
Undergarments 6 to 8 pairs
Cotton towel full length socks 5 to 6 pairs
Woolen socks for keeping your feet warm at the camps and during night 2 pairs
Flip flops/ sandals with a good grip - suggested to carry 1 pair
Water proof/ resistant gloves with inner linning 1 pair each
Sun cap 1 cap
Woolen cap/ balaclava/ monkey cap 1 cap/ balaclava
Woolen scarf or mufflers 1 scarf
1 litre trekking bottle (one thermostat Milton bottle at least) 2 bottles
Trekking pole - optional 1 or 2 poles
Sun glasses - curved ones will cover your eyes well. Avoid blue coloured sunglases as they don't block UV rays that well. Having mentioned that, category 4 graded any colored glases should be fine 1 Pair
Light towel, quick dry ones 1 torch
LED head torch with extra pair of Duracells 1 torch
Lip balm and vaseline petroleum jelly 1 each
Cold cream and Sun screen lotion (SPF 40+) 1
Personal toilet kit (minimal), sanitizer, small mirror as per personal choice
Anti-fungal powder 1

Each trekker should also carry an individual medical kit. It could be as basic as the one mentioned below :

Basic medicines
Avomine - 1 strip Electral - 7 sachets (1 litre)
Croacin advance - 5 tablets Crepe bandage - 3 to 5 meters
Combiflam - 5 tablets Doctor tape - 1 medium roll
Digene - 10 tablets Leukoplast - 1 small roll
Eno sachets - 5 to 6 sachets Volini/ Moov spray - 1 small
Diamox (250 mg) – 1 strip Band aids - 10 strips
Cotton - 1 small roll Dexamethazone (0.5mg) – 2 strips
Gauze cloth - 1 medium role strepsils/ Losanges - 6 to 8 candies
Betadine ointment - 1 tube Diclofenac/ Voveron 100 DSR - 4 to 5 tablets

We suggest you to carry the above mentioned equipment/ gears for a difficult grade trek. You need to refer to this list while sorting your gears/ equipment. You may rent some of the equipment instead of purchasing. Having mentioned that, it is good to have your own equipment rather than renting. Any purchase of equipment is only an investment for your future treks. Equipment & gears is your lifeline on any difficult graded trek, so the more you are familiar and comfortable with your equipment, the trek’s difficulties feels lesser.

Feel free to make any changes in this list as per your own convenience/ preference. Please do run through the list of things you’ll be carrying with us, in case you make any changes to this one. We’re just a phone call away.

Happy trekking...!!

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