Moderate Level Treks

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Trekking has different meaning to different people. Be it, just spending time in the mountains, testing endurance levels, having a change from day to day life or any other reason. As a trekking community, what we have seen over the past few years is that if a trekking enthusiast has 8 to 9 days in hand, moderate level treks in our country are becoming a preferred choice.

Here is the list of some moderate level treks that we suggest every trekker should attempt to start with.

moderate level trek har ki dun

Har Ki Dun (Dehradun to Dehradun – 8 days)

Har ki Dun is an extremely famous trekking route in the Uttrakhand Himalayas. A total of 57kms Taluka to Taluka, this is one trek that is a must for every trekker. This trek has it all – local folklores, mention in Mahabharata, cradled shaped valleys, peaks above 6,000 metres, glacial streams, ancient villages that are said to be few centuries old and much more with a maximum altitude of 11,300 feet. There is a temple in the village Osla (day 2 of the trek) in which some locals say that Duryodhana was worshipped. More interesting folklores & facts are shared by the locals during the trek.

moderate level trek buran ghati

Buran Ghati (Shimla to Shimla – 7 days)

Buran Ghati is a trek that runs parallel to Rupin Pass (another trek in the Uttarakhand Himalayas).Buran Ghati is a pass crossing trek touching 15,000 feet in altitude. During May and June seasons, with good/heavy snow on the Pass, climbing to the Pass is fun, but the adrenaline rush is while getting down to the other side. Due to snow conditions, we fix ropes (for safety) and descend. This activity of rappelling can only be happening when there is adequate snow on the pass. If there is no snow, we descend via a rocky trail over stones and boulders. Compared to the other treks, Buran Ghati trek is not too commercial. An excursion to the Chandranahan lake is another amazing experience that adds to this trek. Buran Ghati trek is a perfect alternative trek to the Roopkund Trek (skeleton lake).

moderate level trek kashmir great lakes

Kashmit Great Lakes (Srinagar to Srinagar – 9 days)

One of the most beautiful treks in Kashmir region is the Kashmir Great Lakes. This trek offers views and camping at 7 different lakes. All these are glacial lakes and provide stunning views. Trout fishes can be spotted in some of these lakes.This trek trek has 3 Pass crossings – Nichnai Pass, Gatsar pass and Zach Pass. The highest point of the trek is Gatsar pass at 13, 800 feet. The trails to the lakes are through valleys, snow patches (depending on the season), stream crossings, stones & boulders. For trekkers who who are also photography enthusiasts, kashmir great lakes is the perfect trek. One of the campsite campsite – Naranag, is right at the foot of Mount Harmukh. History has it that K2 (world’s second highest mountain at 8,611 meters/ 28,400 feet) was first spotted from the top of Mount Harmukh.

moderate level trek hampta pass

Hampta Pass (Manali to Manali – 5 days)

Manali is one of the most visited hill stations in India, due to its accessibility. Hampta Pass trek starts and ends at Manali. We start the trek from Jobra in Manali and end it in the Spiti valley at Chattroo. We drive to the Chandrataal lake and return via the same route and reach Manali via Rohtang pass and end our trek. We start our trek into the forests. There are river crossing on almost all the days on this trek. There is an entire valley full of exotic and beautiful flowers called Jwara, which we cross on the second day of our trek. The tallest point of this trek is 14,100 feet – the Hampta Pass. Amazing views at the pass of snow cladded peaks, the crossing of the pass to get to Spiti valley and camping/ stay right next to the Chandra bhani river (Chattroo - Spiti) is a wonderful experience overall.

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