How many days do I need for Valley of Flowers Trek?

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#1: Overall time required for this trek: 5 days to 7 days, Delhi to Delhi. Here is a detailed itinerary / plan for the trek.

How many days do I need for Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers Trek is a perfect beginners trek. The hike is not steep and does not require any technical climbing at all. Overall the itinerary is broken into several days which ensure that you can ample amount rest in between to recover. The trails are well maintained and marked. Also, it’s a summer / monsoon trek hence you don’t have to invest in super expensive clothes / accessories to keep you warm during this trek. You can have a look at the detailed “Things to Carry” video for Valley of Flowers to get an idea of all the things you will require.

You will hear stories of how people have done this is in lesser number of days etc, however if you go by our experience the 2 itineraries given below suits travelers the best. This is planned in a way to ensure that you don’t get tired by the end of it all. A trek should be rejuvenating in nature and not something that makes you even more tired when you get back to your daily routine.

Short Itineraries
valley of flowers short itenary

Plan A
Day 0 – Delhi to Haridwar (Night train or volvo)
Day 1 – Haridwar to GovindGhat
Day 2 – GovindGhat to Ghangaria
Day 3 – Ghangaria to Valley of Flowers
Day 4 - Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib or Valley of Flowers (If you wish to revisit)
Day 5 - Ghangaria to GovindGhat
Day 6 – GovindGhat to Haridwar
Day 7 – Haridwar to Delhi (Night train or Volvo)

Valley of flowers hemkund sahib

Plan B

Day 0 – Delhi to Haridwar (Night train or volvo) Day 1 – Haridwar to GovindGhat
Day 2 – GovindGhatto Ghangaria (via Helicopter) to Valley of Flowers
Day 3 – Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib or Valley of Flowers
Day 4 - Ghangaria to GovindGhat (via Helicopter) to Haridwar
Day 5 - Haridwar to Delhi (Night train or Volvo)

Detailed Itinerary that can be followed

Day 1: Delhi to Govindghat – 1 night and 1 day (starting from Delhi)

Considering that you are stating from Delhi, the best mode of transport would be to take the overnight train to Haridwar from Delhi. Here are some trains;14041 - OLD DELHI - DEHRADUN Mussoorie Exp – starts from Delhi at 22:25 and reaches Haridwar at 06:05 or you could take the - 12205 - NEW DELHI - DEHRADUN Nanda Devi AC SF Exp – starts from Delhi at 23:50 and reaches Haridwar at 03:52. Find out more here.

Or else you could also take the Volvo buses from ISBT, Delhi and reach Haridwar. Buses leave ISBT every hour, so you can choose which ever suits you the best. Our advice would be to reserve a seat in advance to avoid last minute hassle. Check the bus availability here.

Railway Station and the Inter City Bus Stop, in Haridwar, are exactly opposite to each other. Once you reach Haridwar, you can freshen up at one of the restaurants. Have a light breakfast.

Next phase of travel will be from Haridwar to Govindghat, you can either take a bus (state transport buses or pvt. Buses) or a shared taxi. This will take you approximately 10 to 12 hours overall, if there are no roadblocks. In between, there will be many places to stop and eat at dhabas and restaurants. Most places would have clean washrooms to use. For those who will be going on their own, by the time you reachGovindghat, it will be evening, and you would need to look for a place and rest for the night. You get hotels \ guesthouse from 700 Rs a night to 3000 Rs a night depending on facilities. For Wanderers trekkers, the rooms will be booked.

Day 2 – Today you will have to trek from Govindghat to Ghangaria (Base from Valley of Flowers). Two ways to do this;

For WANDERERS trekkers, we arrange for taxies that will leave you till Poolna. We will have our trek leader going along as well.
You could take a shared cab from Govindghat to Pulna, which is an approx. 4 kms ride. From their you will have to trek for 9 to 10 kms to Ghangaria. Or you can also hire a mule and ride it till the base.
The other, slightly costlier way but much faster, would be to take a Helicopter ride from Joshimath to Ghangaria. It iwll cost about 3500 Rs per adult and take about 10 mins overall. 3 mins is the overall flight duration.
If you take the helicopter ride, then you can check into one of the guesthouses at Ghangaria, have light breakfast and directly start the trek to Valley of Flowers. This saves one day for you.

Day 3 - Ghangariato Valley of Flowers-

Today you can go deep into the VOF starting from Ghangaria. The minimum trek that you do on this day is about 10 kms however if you start early you can cover about 14 to 15 kms. If you took the helicopter ride from GovindGhat toGhangaria, and went to Valley of Flowers on Day 2, then today you can trek to Hemkund Sahib or you can again venture into Valley of Flowers, slightly further.

Day 4 – Depending on your itinerary and interest, you can choose-

a) Go deeper into VOF and explore the place further.
b) Go to Hemkund Sahib (if you haven’t been there earlier day)
c) Go back to GovindGhat from Ghangaria. You can trek back or take a mule or take a helicopter ride.

Day 5 – Depending on what option you took on Day 4-
Option a) or b) then today you can go back to GovindGhat from Ghangaria. You can trek back or take a mule or take a helicopter ride. Our trekkers will mostly trek back to GovindGhat. At GovindGhat you will be staying at the same hotel that you started with you.
If you took option C) then today you can leave for Haridwar from GovindGhat and then to Delhi.

Day 6 – From GovindGhat you can take shared taxi or bus back to Haridwar. You can take the late night Volvo or train to Delhi from Haridwar.

Day 7 – Morning, you are in Delhi.

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