Changes in the travel industry during Corona (COVID 19) spread

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Changes in the travel industry during Corona (COVID 19) spread

Well, it’s about time we get used to what we call, “new normal”. We all have a lot of knowledge about the coronavirus (Covid-19) through various news channels, newspapers, articles and highly “effective” social media. For now, as the world waits for either the prevention or the cure and has no line of sight as to what will happen, a lot of us are dreaming about the mountains, waterfalls, snow clad peaks or rivers. What is the “new normal”? How will the travel happen?  We met a few days back in our office after being home for more than 45-50 days and after catching up on a few things, we got into a meeting. Goes without saying, the discussion was about the current coronavirus (covid-19) impact on the travel business (especially leisure & adventure) and how to adapt to the new ways of things. In some of the write-ups later on, we will be talking about our operational strategy but for now, it is about how can we (as wanderers) plan the travel for our folks and how can we ensure it is safe.

By now, we would all (more or less) agree that the safety is in our own hands. The problem with this virus is that it is more trouble for others than the person impacted because of its vicious spread. Anyway, after spending a few hours in the discussion around Coronavirus (Covid-19), we shifted our focus towards how to carry on with it.

For now, we will keep it to the life with “coronavirus (Covid-19) and how we will carry on travelling with it continuing to haunt us. That said, there are two things we can not ignore: 

1. In the current scenario, we will have to travel with “social-distancing” in mind.
2. Travel costs are bound to increase because of social distancing. That’s inevitable as well.

Now, some of the key points for us to keep in mind:

1. If the testing kits are available, a test will be mandatory before you are picked up from the pick up location. Alternatively, we will to the basic screening using Infrared Thermometers.
2. The transport (that is a jeep or an Innova) will take only two people other than the driver. So if there are 6 people in a group, it will be 3 vehicles.
3. The Stay (Homestay or Hotel) will be on single occupancy. Unless, its a couple sharing the room.
4. While on the trek, the stay will be on single occupancy. Unless, it’s a couple sharing the tent.
5. There will be no mess tent. The food will be eaten either inside or outside the tent. The mess tent will be carried for bad weather conditions. 6. There will be no common utensils. Basic utensils will be part of the travelling kit provided by Wanderers. Utensils will be washed and carried by trekkers.
7. There will be a sanitisation kit called “Outdoor Sanitisation Kit” provided to each participant.
8. Briefing will include: Sanitisation, Eating and Staying mannerisms with social distancing, followed by briefing about the trek. Advance videos will be shared on what all to carry.
9. Chatting and socializing (including singing as well as story telling) will be done maintaining the social distancing.
10. Equipment will be checked and approved by the trek leader. No sharing or any kind of equipment will be allowed.

Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates.

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