Brahmatal - What to expect in March and April

"By Wanderers India"

What to expect in March & April - Brahmataal

Weather and temperatures
March and April months are considered as the initial days of summers. This means that there will be snow on the trails of the previous season – Winters. The weather would be hot and sunny and temperatures would range between 10 to 25 degrees in the day and 12 to 15 degrees in the nights. March first week should have a good amount of snow and last week of April would have the least.

These conditions make trekking a very beautiful experience and give amazing views all around. The forest patches would be nice and green with fresh and new leaves. The lakes – Bekaltaal and Brahmatal would be clear and provide amazing reflections. Brahmatal could provide amazing reflections of the mountain right behind. This view attracts many mountain lovers.

Snow conditions
By early March, the existing snow would have started to melt. This means that that we would trek on some patches of snow during this season. Basically it is powdered snow which we walk in. Since this is powdered, the foot tend to get a better grip in it. Trekking shoes - being high ankle and water resistant are thus necessary for this season. Sport shoes, flip flops/ sandals are not safe to trek in.

Road conditions
The road connectivity to and fro Kathgodham and Lohajung is very much smooth during this season. It is only the monsoons when the roads and ways tend to get swept away. Road blocks in the months of March and April are not that common. Even after Lohajung, the road extends to Wan village. This road too is only affected in the monsoons and not any other time.

Anticipated footfall of trekkers
Over the years many trekkers do the Brahmataal trek. It is immensely populated in the winters - November, December & January. March and April months are comparatively less populated. This 2019 we anticipate a good season for March & April.

Trail conditions
Brahmataal trek’s trail is a very beautiful trail all around the year. In March and April months, we expect to witness/ experience snow at the Brahmataal’s pass crossing. The forests trails are most likely to be a little slushy and the opening above Brahmataal is expected to be green and provide amazing and clear views of the Nanda Ghunti and Trishul. Ice over both the lakes, Brahmtaal and Bekaltaal would have melted by then and one can touch the waters.

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